Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun at the Beach

This whole dating thing has muddled my brain, I meant to write this one on Sunday. Go figure.

This past weekend my friends K&B and their daughter E*a, aged 1 1/2 years old, and I went to the local beach. First we went on saturday evening, around 7pm, they stop charging on the nice beach, so we headed down for some free beach time. It was very nice, the tourists were gone, it wasn't too God-awful hot, and the water was warm. This was the first time E*a was at the beach, and she LOVED it. Wasn't terribly fond of the sand, but loved the water and the waves. We, the adults, that is, had so much fun we decided to repeat the fun on Sunday.

We went a little earlier Sunday, so we opted to park outside the gate and walk in for free. We added another adult, our friend TR. E*a had more fun, this time played in the sand more and learned a fun game of dump sand on mom (or me) "DeDy" (dirty) then rinsing off in the water "Ah de" (all clean). We played over and over. It was fun watching and playing with her, and it was nice hanging with the other adults.

Considering how close we all live to the beach, this was the first time K&B and I had gone in more than a year. That's just sad, so we decided this year we would rectify that.

Dear Lord, thank you. Amen

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