Friday, July 4, 2008

The Found 4th!

So, fearing that I was turning into the Old Cat Lady, I decided that I would "Have Fun" this holiday. A friend of mine lives with her parents, but that's ok because they live on the local water. Yippee! Plus, they were gone this weekend, so I went to her house today.

I slept in, then after I woke up and fed the cats, I laid down on the couch for another 3 hours. Lovely.

Called Friend. It rained, so we watched 2 movies, the Simpsons movie, which I hadn't seen yet, and a movie called "Basic" with Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta. Both very good movies.

The clouds sort of cleared, so we went swimming in the bayou. Nice! played and swam about 2 1/2 hours. It started raining again, so we played in the water, in the rain! Yeah! it was interesting, I've never swam in the rain. Plus, it was brackish water so it was easy to stay afloat. Lots of fun. When we were tired of it, we went inside, because it was still raining, instead of grilling outside, we broiled the steaks. Very nice.

Came home watched the last 20 minutes of the local fireworks. Again, nice.

So, I declare that this was a pretty good day. Better than I had thought it might be yesterday. Tomorrow I'm off to the parent's house to help with the Fish Fry.

Hope everyone has a blessed and patriotic 4th of July.

Thank you, Lord, for today, for friends and family, for the country we live in and the freedoms we take for granted every day. Amen.

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