Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, my mom calls me Tuesday evening to tell me that Dad has found some lumps under his right arm, and they are going to see his Oncologist on Wednesday to have them biopsied.

Dad had REALLY aggressive Small-cell Carcinoma in his throat, which is almost always a death sentence. But, he beat the odds, and he is still in remission (by the Grace of God). Because he had such an aggressive cancer, when mom called the doctor on Tuesday, they told them to come in on Wednesday. I guess I just blocked it out during the work day, otherwise I'd have accomplished NOTHING. So, as I got into my car, I remembered, and called mom. They did a needle biopsy in the office, and they think it is only a staph infection, probably he's had it since mom was sick last winter, and his body just hasn't been able to kick it. They gave him a prescription to hold onto so that when the results come in he can get it filled right away. I know that we're not out of the woods yet, that it could still come back positive for cancer, but we've (mom and dad and I) decided that since the office wasn't overly worried, we wouldn't be either.

Lord, I don't know how we would handle both Dad and Mom having chemo at the same time. PLease, please take this from us, let the results be a simple bacterial infection. Amen.

Update: Dad had a boil, caused most likely by a staph infection. It cleared up in a couple of days with antibiotic. Thank you, Lord!!!!!

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