Monday, June 30, 2008

Long Time away

I haven't blogged in awhile. I've been a Bad Blogger (BB).

Work has been excruciatingly hard, and has only in the last couple of days started to clear up. It also seems like life has been exceptionally hard lately, so I haven't been getting a break on any front the past 6 weeks or so.

On the personal front, I have finally given up on a man I've been sort of dating for more than a year. He has yet to kiss me, or even attempt anything more that a friendly hug. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, because of who he is, but at this point I am officially DONE. We can go out as friends, but that is all. I will waste no more precious time. And besides that, it has been more than a year since I've had sex, and I'd like to think that it might happen again sometime before I turn 34. So, I have paid for a subscription to Yahoo! personals for one month, and when that one is done, I'll go to, and when that one is done, I'll try eHarmony. There must be a man SOMEWHERE in this area who might be interested in dating me.

This past weekend, I went to my district LWML conference. Since I am my society's president, I was a voting delegate. We gave away $172,000 in grants on Friday. It was a long day, but it was very fulfilling, knowing that we are helped so many social causes. On a plus, all 5 of the grants that I liked was funded, and more than 50% of those who submitted applications was funded.

Our Keynote speaker was GREAT! She was hysterically funny, Old-school Lutheran. Her speech was heartfelt, emotional, spiritual, trinitarian, and well presented. The theme of the convention was to "Look and see that the fields are white with harvest" and that we should Look with the Eyes of our Father (God) and see people as He sees them.

Now, I don't do that very often, and almost never at work. So, for as long as I can, I will look at people at work through my Christian eyes. I will TRY VERY HARD to be nicer, smile more, less aggressive, less passive-aggressive. I will TRY VERY HARD to be more compassionate, more helpful, to not yell, not get frustrated so easily.

Lord, Grant this to me, so that others can see You in me. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Okay it's official you made me laugh on a day when...well I have a rough day...
It cracks me convention and sex in the same post...LMAO!!
Love ya! R~

Scientific Lutheran said...

Hey, the Lord knows who I am, He made me after all!

Glad it made you laugh.