Saturday, May 31, 2008

More AC woes

Remember when I said that the AC made a funny clunk-y noise when I turned it on? Turned out it really isn't working. I tolerate heat well, and I only keep at my AC at 78 degrees anyway, and the house was staying about 80 degrees, so today when I turned it down so that I could clean the house in reasonable comfort, I FINALLY noticed that the house wasn't cooling to 73 degrees. No wonder the cat's weren't staying in the house during the day. It's hot in here. So now, it's saturday afternoon, and I had to call the AC guy. He's charging me $125 for a weekend visit, but a normal visit is $85, and he'll apply the over to any parts or labor that needs to be done. So, worth the money for it. I'm waiting now for him to arrive. Let's hope it's only low coolant...

Update:6 lbs of freon and a weekend service charge later, my AC now works great. Yeah AC!!

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