Monday, May 5, 2008

mmmm uniforms.

As previously mentioned, I am rather fond of men in uniforms.

I was walking down the hallway of my building today, and I glanced around, and my head nearly fell off of my neck. BG is a guy who works down the hall from me, I knew he was going to school through the military, but I guess I thought he was reserves or something like that. Apparently, though, he is still active duty. He was dressed in camo-green/brown, with his name tag and stripes, all pressed and shart (that's a combination of smart and sharp) looking. He had been showing the Assistant to the Surgeon General around the department, playing tour guide.

When BG first started here, 3 years ago, I sort of hit on him, I just kind of let it be known that if he would be interested in going out for a beer or something, I wouldn't say no. Nothing overt, just sort of feeling the waters a little. Nothing ever came of it, and he's been dating his current girl for more than a year now, so he's pretty firmly attached.

I talked to him in the hall a couple of minutes, he told me why he was wearing it, I said I was surprised he wasn't in his dress uniform, he said, yeah, he thought he would be wearing Dress A, too.

My God in heaven, if he had walked into this department in his dress blues, they would have had to pry me off his leg. How embarrassing would THAT have been?

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