Friday, May 23, 2008


I totally caved. about 8PM last night, after the cold shower, I was sitting at my computer, wiping more sweat from my face, and thought Screw This. I closed all the windows, turned on the AC and listened to it rattle outside. Crap, I thought, now when I want it to work its going to die on me. But, it rallied and started to cool. Funny thing, though, I'm cheap, so I turned it up to about 78 degrees, not much cooler than it had been in the house without the AC, but it took the humidity out of the air. Man alive did I sleep great last night. Next week they are calling for a mild cool front to move thru and drop the humidity, so I'll probably open the windows next weekend.

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molly said...

i'll have to read more of what is going on with your lack of AC.. i can handle a lot - but HEAT?! NO! It's just WRONG to try to sleep in a hot space. :)

I liked your comment on my blog. Sounds like you understand.. with all sorts of mental illness and addiction too, there is a lot of stigma and snap judgments.. but you are so right - it DOES make us more compassion and loving people. I was a pretty arrogant BITCH (!) when drinking and didn't care about anyone else but myself. NOW I feel a lot more compassion for those who suffer.

and when you mentioned us not being able to just FIX it on our own, it reminded me of that U2 song "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own".. I love them.. here is the utube video.. have a great weekend! and stay COOL AND BREEZY!