Saturday, March 15, 2008

Going Out

So, I went out with Cousin and her friends the other night.  It has been several years since I was a 'Party Girl' in my town.  So when we went to go out, and the town was DEAD, I was speechless.  WTF?  Where did all the people go?  What happened to the bars?  And what is with this 21 and over???  When did that happen?

Anyway, we found the ONE bar that was 18 and over, and we went in.  One of the girls was 20, so she was the DD by default, but took her job seriously, so I felt good about them not driving drunk.  The 4 Young Women were very pretty, all dressed up and ready to go.  This was a dance club, but when we went in, there weren't very many people.  Then, the assistant bar manager came over and offered the table a round of drinks.  The girls were a little nervous, taking drinks from a strange man, but I talked to him, and figured out what was going on.  They wanted these 4 Pretty Young Women to stay, so they made sure they were having fun.  They started to dance, drink a little more, just have a great time.  I took a picture of them dancing on the bar (which the asst manager ok'd and helped them climb up), and they almost had a fit!  They had DANCED ON A BAR during Spring Break!  And they had  pictures!  The manager bought them more drinks and shots, and they danced more.  I left at 1:30AM (because I had a 10AM Meeting!), with a promise from the manager that he'd keep an eye on them (we had bonded during the couple of hours I was there-more on that in a later post), and I wished them well.  I got a text at 3AM that they had made it home safe, and had a GREAT time.

I was so glad to have helped them have a great last night.  It was such a fun time for them, free drinks and dancing in a bar with cute guys and pictures and shots, and probably a hang over in the morning.  A great last night, well documented with pictures and video.   

Dear Lord, thank you so much for good times, for good friends, and for good memories.  Thank you for spring break, and being young and crazy, and thank you for me being past that.  Amen

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