Wednesday, January 30, 2008

210 days, My Ass!

In a previous blog, a nurse had previously told me that it would take about 210 days for mom to get back to where she was before the pneumonia hit.

HA! Not my mom. No Sir. She went home from the hospital yesterday. And today, she and dad went to see a new oncologist about starting chemo again. How awesome is that? I counted it up, mom had been in the hospital for 9 weeks and 3 days. 6 of those weeks were spent in ICU, 2 weeks in Triumph hospital regular room, and the last week and 3 days were spent in a rehab hospital. She hadn't been in the rehab hospital for 5 days before she was talking about going home.

May God grant me the same strength that he gave my mother, and may God grant me someone to love me the way that Dad loves Mom. Amen

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