Tuesday, December 4, 2007

bad news...

bad news on the home front, mom went into the hospital on 11-24, went into respiratory arrest, and has been on a ventilator since then. She has MRSA in her lungs, but so far not in the blood or urine, and she's down to 30% oxygen on the respirator, so one or two small good things in a very large scale of bad things. I'll post more on this later, I've got pages to enter, just not the time yet. To flesh this story out, I'm back at work because at this point mom is heavily sedated and on the respirator, so there is nothing I can do to help her. Right now she is in God's hands, and I will probably need my sick leave and vacation in the not-t0-distant future.

This particular blog is about a prof. He is a collaborating PI, so we work closely with his lab. Yesterday afternoon, we were in a building where we house our infected animals, and I met him in the hallway. He asked me how I was doing. I kind of made an "eh" sound, half-smiled at him, and kept going. This man is in constant contact with my boss, so he should know what's going on. He then said, "I was just saying hello to you, you could at least answer me." So I said, "My mom is in the hospital with an MRSA infection in her lungs and she isn't responding very well to the antibiotics, so I'm actually just getting through the day today, I'm not really doing all that well, but thanks for asking." He looked startled and said, "Oh, I did hear something about that."

WTF? First, I did answer and if you didn't have your head so far into your blackberry you would have heard and seen my answer, but you didn't. Second, I really don't care if my lack of a good mood affects you. It didn't have anything to do with you, and thanks, that's one more time I have to tell that story. Thank you. As if the wound isn't sore enough, thanks, I get to rip it open ONE MORE TIME. Thank you. So, Dr.P Kiss my ass if my lack of a good mood upset you. Next time, don't assume it has something to do with you and just let me have my bad mood.

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