Thursday, August 2, 2007

Who is this person?

So, I have been in fairly bad mood for the last several days, and it is getting progressively worse. It is work related, because outside of work I seem to be OK, I laugh and talk and actually have a personality. At work, though, I am petty and snarly and mean, and in my mind I'm thinking bad evil mean thoughts. Yesterday I had a minor melt down...alright, I had a small temper tantrum, brought on by the increasing number of small normally inconsequential things going wrong, but all together are conspiring to drive me crazy. Shoes that rub blisters, 4 blisters, on each foot, autoclaves, all 3 of them, that won't charge (they won't get enough steam pressure to raise the temperature enough to sterilize) so the instruments aren't sterile for tomorrow's time point, I cannot do a cardiac puncture to SAVE MY LIFE, people leaving early and leaving me to deal with the last 2 tissue homogenates to dilute and plate, Car inspection is overdue, my oil change is overdue, I can't seem to get the time to go grocery shopping so I'm out of all of my staples...I'm whining, I know. I almost cried in the necropsy room this afternoon, I stopped my part of the experiment, closed my eyes, did a few deep calming breathes, stopped the crying, repeated several times in the next 2 hours. It seems like the tears are just below the surface, and the slightest frustration brings it up again. Who is this person? This is not me! I do NOT cry because my shoes put blisters on my feet! Do I?

Dear Lord, please help me. Help me figure out what brought this on, and what I need to do to make it go away. This is not who I am! I'm not usually this teary, whiny, crying, soggy person. I am usually solid, fairly stable, fairly evenly tempered...please bring her back! Thank you! Amen

Update: OH, PMS. That explains Everything! I haven't had PMS that bad in years. I kind of feel sorry for my co-workers that put up with me all week.

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Jenny said...

We're an all-girl office and all on the same cycle.

It's a frightening week for all involved.