Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We have had a very large crate in our hallway for about 3 weeks. It is a large plastic dry box with glove ports. Since we are on the 3rd coast, we have very high humidity, and we need to do part of an experiment in a very dry environment, about 30% humidity. When we ordered the box we measured the place where it would go, got the necessary approval, and submitted the order. There was an 8 week turn around on the box. We finally got it 3 weeks ago. Now we need FINAL approval to move the box onto the counter we originally got approval for more than 3 months ago. For 3 weeks I have fielded questions. "What's in that crate?" "What do you need that for?" "How big is it?" "How long is it going to be in the hall?" "You haven't done anything with that YET?" "Are you ever going to open that crate?"

Finally, today we got our final approval. My co-worker, AJ, and I were trying to dig up some tools big and strong enough to break down this crate. Fortunatly, we were met in the hall by some of our campus Facilities men, and they had tools and dis-assembled the crate for us. AJ and I picked up the box (it's an empty plastic box...not heavy), put it on the cart and move it into the appointed room. It over hangs the edge of the counter by 3 or 4 inches. But it seems stable enough, since we won't be using it for anything big or bulky.

I had a lot of fun putting it all together, setting up the humidity sensor, setting up the air control lines and pump and humidity control system. It was a fun afternoon, especially when I just went in there, it was working PERFECTLY! Humidity was just right, the system was maintaining well, the box wasn't foggy or holding a vacuum or anything nasty like that. I'm excited to start this experiment now.

Dear Lord, thank you for new toys, especially for new toys at work. Thank you for my inquisitive nature, my insatiable search for the reason WHY, and for a job that satisfies ALL of those things! Amen.

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