Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hard to get a prayer out of last week...

I was sick last week...stomach flu. Didn't do much of anything. I was out all day Tuesday, but Wednesday I had to go in to prepare for an Inspection from our Environmental Health and Safety department, we had to make sure our select agents were in good form so that when CDC comes to visit all of our I's are dotted and our T's are crossed. I was gone for 2 days, and still stuff managed to come undone. It's good and bad. Good, I have great job security. Bad, how does stuff fall apart in 2 days???

Saturday I cleaned my back room. It's used to be a computer room when I had a desktop computer. Now it's an extra bedroom/cat room. Mostly what I did was clean up my computer desk and file cabinet so that if I have to evacuate for a Hurricane, my documents are ready to go.

Sunday I worked in my back yard. There are some really pretty landscaping left over from someone who previously owned my house, but it's so overgrown that you can't see it. Today I uncovered another tile block in the back garden, it's about 1' square, this is the 3rd I've found in the flower beds. I was trying to dig through it before it dawned on me what I was trying to dig through. There was about 2" of fern leaf matter, dirt, roots, leaves...that sort of thing. I pulled away a sheet of leaf litter. I also cut down as much as I could of a small's in a bad place. I can't get it completely down with my little clippers, it will take a small chain saw to get rid of it completely.

I'm always in a better mood after I work in the yard. Tomorrow my hamstrings will be very tight, but the rest of me will feel great.


How about...

Dear Lord, thank you for all of your blessings, for the sun and rain, for the grass and the clouds, for good food and good friends, for good health and doctors when you're sick, and sick leave at work. Amen.

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