Thursday, July 26, 2007


Thank you, God, for days like today. Today, my most pressing thing to do is to email a grad student an already-completed graph so that SHE can run the statistics on it. Also, thank you for boring talks (they break up the day) that serve free pretty decent pizza and sodas. This is about the only time during the week that I drink soda, so it's nice to get a free Diet Dr. Pepper (which I discovered today that I really do like better than regular Dr. Pepper). Thank you for days like today, when I get here at 9:45, eat lunch at 11:45, sit in a talk for 1 hour, then leave early at 4:15. Thank you for days like today, because they refresh me, and help me to remember on hard days why I like my job. Thank you for this job, because as hard as some days are, days like today remind me that I really do, in fact, love my job. Amen.

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