Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Temper Tantrums

Dear Lord, help me remember that my co-workers have lives of their own, and that sometimes they bring the bad things that are happening at home to work (but I've NEVER done that..yeah, right). And that sometimes when they throw temper tantrums at me, it really doesn't have anything to do with me.
Thank you for making me a good planner, and for making me organized and (generally) prompt at work. Help me to remember that, despite borderline obsessive planning, I don't always know exactly when things will happen. Help me to also remember that BECAUSE I'm such a good planner, co-workers expect the experiments that I plan and execute to run on specific time tables. Help them to realize that quite often my boss and his decisions throw my plans into disarray, and that when he does that, I cannot, with any confidence, predict what will happen, or when. Help me to help them by not snapping, being short, or taking my frustration on Boss out on Co-Worker, and if I do, remind me to initiate the apology.
Thank you for this job that drives me crazy. It allows me to afford my house, my car, dinner with my friends, and groceries for my shelves.

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