Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First Try

I hope this is an excercise that will help to bring me peace in my world. That's rather a tall order, I know. I'm not going for World Peace, or national peace, or even regional peace, but rather, for me to be at peace in my chaotic world. So here's a first try, a first prayer from the lab.

Lord, Help me with the one about being a good employee. I know that I am to submit to my master (aka boss, Dr. C) as I would submit to you, but when I am taking the blame for something that wasn't my fault...well, maybe 10% my fault...it can be hard to suck it up and say, "Yes, I'm sorry Dr. C, it won't happen again." Help me to remember that by doing so I am a stronger employee, a more mature Lab Manager, and a more considerate boss of people I manage. In the meantime, Lord, please give me peace with the knowledge that my boss knows that he's being rather unfair in this, and that's what is making him such an @ss this week. Amen

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